Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grace, Grace, Grace - there is a theme here

Here is something I have noticed:  we, Christians are quick to preach a gospel of grace, but are not necessarily a gracious people. 
Sad, don't you think, that we who have been given so much grace, mete it out so sparingly? 
I include myself in this chastisement. 

Sometimes when God has given us a revelatory vision for some area of our lives we think that we now have a corner market on the right way to do something.  We forget that Solomn, the "wisest man", unwisely had 700 wives (1 Kings11:3).  We forget that David, a "man after God's own heart" (1 Sam 13:14) had a heart that also led him into adultery and then murder to cover it up.  We forget, in short, that there was only One who got all of the answers right.

"My grace is sufficient for thee ... " (2Cor 12:9) is on our refrigerator.  The emphasis in our heart, I tell one of my children for whom people are important, is the word My
Sometimes other people's grace won't be sufficient. 
They won't meet your needs - they won't understand the circumstances of your life - they won't listen to your explanation of why you chose what you chose.  But He knows.

Thank God, He knows.

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  1. Well put, as usual!

    Hope all is well. Still owe you a dinner invite...after we return from vacation.