Sunday, July 22, 2012


If you have never read Ann VosKamp's book One Thousand Gifts, you should.
I found it life-changing, and I am pretty persnickety about books.
It really cheapens it to say that it is a book about learning to give thanks because it is so much more, but in it she writes about how numbering the gifts of God changed her.  Maybe I will do that here some, since writing "real" posts seems overwhelming right now.

Tonight I am thankful -
For ocean shores.
For ninety minute walks every day with friends who do not fear to go to dark places with you and shine the Light of Truth there.  So, so thankful for that one.
For toddler toes, happy, in sand.
For many teenagers in my living room, no matter what town we manage to go to!
For long car trips safely made and without hardly a tear.
For laughter, too rare lately, erupting like a crocus in spring.

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