Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There will be a time to debate the pros and cons of adoption, especially international adoption.  I say that only to make clear that I know that it is not without controversy, legitmate controversy.  Just like a short-term missions trip - there are those called to go, those called to support them, and those who don't agree with the idea at all. 
We happened to have been called to adopt. 
From China. 
Or so we think, although it has been a most long time coming.  Most of my contemporaries are long done with new children, but after being suprised with Julia two years ago, all of my excuses for why we should not continue with this plan (conceived 7 years past ...) went out the window.  So here we are, with a referral, meaning we have been assigned a particular child and have a picture and a name and all of that, waiting for what is called a TA (travel approval), a document from China that essentially invites us to come to their country and pick her up. 
Elanor is 9 months younger than Julia.  We hope to go get her in February.  No doubt it will be a most difficult adjustment for ALL of us...

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