Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doing Well....

I know I have not written any thing deep in awhile ... but these three are just so distracting!  Isn't that just the cutest picture?!  I know I sound like "all the other adoptive mother bloggers" out there but I can't help it.

And this one is great too!!!  Too bad I do not know how to crop the photo in this format.

They had another good night of sleep!  Serge actually had to wake her this morning he said.  (I love this child already!!)  She was much more animated today when we talked.  At first I thought she was going to make a nice audience for Julia, tonight I am thinking they might have to share the stage.  You can see the physical delays for certain, but she loves to be held which is a great sign and is starting to make eye contact with them - also good. 

The other half of the family is doing okay too.  Ginny, the dog is pretty depressed and Julia cried when we had to say good bye to Serge and James this morning.  Maggie and I have enjoyed all of our time to talk, talk, talk and watch "chick flicks", but are ready for them to come home too.

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