Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ellie again

Here is today's Ellie picture.  It is hard to know what else to write.  I mean, sure, I could look at photos of her all day ....
Apparently she slept through the night without a peep which is more than I can say for Julia since they left!  I am still feeling like I have the easier end of the deal though.  Serge and James seemed to be doing okay - perhaps a little tired of Chinese hamburgers, but other than that, good.  Tomorrow they are going to tour the "Ancient University" and see some relics of a famous dead person.  (Obviously I am forgetting some key point to the second half of that agenda.) 
The distance is growing as the days go by and I am feeling like the remainder of the trip is going to feel pretty long - at least on this end.  I want to say, "OK you got her!  Can you come home now?!".  
I miss my boys too. 
A lot.

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