Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You're Tired, I'm tired, Can you imagine how tired they are??

I think the adrenaline of the past few weeks is finally beginning to wane as I am having trouble putting together a coherant thought.  Serge and James called around 11 this morning from the Chicago airport.  They sounded tired.  It might have been the 4 hours of sleep or the sausage biscuits they had for second breakfast.  Their plane departed on time at 1 pm EST and should land in Beijing around 3 am.  It is possible we might hear from them in the wee hours.
Maggie and I spent the day trying to reassemble the house and catch up on laundry - no small feat after three weeks of neglect.  You have to keep a pretty steady pace to out run Julia's efforts in the opposite direction too.  Good conversations and a lot of good "girl food". 
Serge recorded a book for Julia which she enjoyed a great deal today.  Ginny is thoroughly depressed.  I think she is hoping if she continues that Golden Retriever thing, one of us will let her sleep with us.

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