Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are we Nuts??

Don't answer that in the comments section.

This morning I woke up suddenly with the audacity and foolishness of this whole idea looming largely in the rear-view mirror.  It is a distraction from going forward.  I wish I could talk to Serge and have him tell me that it will be good, the way he usually does.  But he can't because we are in "black out".

Last night Maggie and I watched Apollo 13 because it had been well over a year since I have seen it, and I don't like to go too long.  I think it is one of the greatest movies ever made.  How they make it suspenseful when you walk into the theatre knowing the ending, amazes me.  I don't know what year it was filmed in but it was before special effects were the only thing people cared about.  There is no loud music except the orchestral swell in the climax.  No flashing from scene to scene.  During the "black out" in the movie, there is silence.  The camera pans, not flits, to show the faces of the people in the room waiting to hear if there will be voices from the men.  There is a still suspense.  And when they make it, I cry, every time.

Anyway, suspense is what I feel today.  This little "souveneir" from their trip?  How is she going to fit into this life I already feel that I can't manage?  What is re-entry going to feel like?
Shakey at best - and loud - with a splash down sure to bring nausea and relief all at the same time.

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  1. You will do just fine. Yes, there will be lots of emotions from everyone. Just take it one moment at a time. In a few months you will probably be in a nice groove. All of you. I had a very difficult time after bringing Joy home. Between my emotions, sickness, and Joy's delays, I was overwhelmed. But, somehow God's grace proved once again, His love for us. We were in a grove within 2 months.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Ellie. Please don't forget to keep us posted!