Monday, March 12, 2012

How it's going....

Everyone wants to know.

It is going well, I think.  It is an adjustment, of course.  The guys are very jet-lagged and that has been harder than I thought, even though everyone told me it would be.  Julia has done well with Ellie.  Sometimes she looks like the hostess with the house guest that won't go home, but most of the time she seems pretty good.  Ownership of certain items have been well declared, but once noted are usually shared with Ellie freely.  Ellie has some odd eating habits compared to my other children, but that is to be expected and they are easily forgiven their inconvenience because she has let me sleep through two of her three full nights home

We have enjoyed visits from Nona and Pepere (Serge's parents) and our friends, the Powells.  Thank you to the friends who have been feeding us!!  Mary who humbles me by showing up at Serge's work with her own two children under three and enough homemade lasagna to feed a crowd.  Michelle and her six children sharing amazing black bean chimichangas.  And Christine, a fellow adoptive mom herself, bringing us roasted chicken and vegetables. 
Adopting is not the easiest way to get people to bring you meals, but boy do we appreciate it. 

There are more difficult things to say, of course, and as soon as I find beautiful words for them I will write.  I want to be honest in all ways.

Some of Maggie's photography to make the blog pretty ...
  Julia "helping" with Ellie's bath.

Good Morning.

Serge falling asleep giving Ellie her bedtime bottle!

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