Thursday, March 1, 2012

Next Stop - Guangzhou

This is a little series of Ellie falling asleep on Serge's shoulders.  It was just as I described before.  She was sitting up there looking around, then started looking a little floppy, then put her head down on his head and was out.

They are getting ready to head to Guangzhou tonight.  Other than trying to pack it all up and not lose anything, I think they are looking forward to the next leg of the adventure.  In Guangzhou they will have a medical exam (a bit redundant since she has been with a doctor for the past 5 days), and obtain her U. S. citizenship among other things.  Since the American consulate is there, the whole place is a bit more westernized in it's culture.  They are more likely to find people who speak English well and food that feels a little more like home.

We put up Ellie's crib tonight.  Julia seemed okay with it all.  She is notably more flexible than her mother.  She wanted to sleep in it, but since one of the pieces is M.I.A., that will have to wait.  I was so thankful for the help of the Nortons.  It is not so much that the job was hard, but I had been putting it off for some time.  I think in part because I do not like change and I have always loved Julia's room the way it was.  More so though because it is the ending of its own little era - the "we have Julia but not yet Ellie" era.  Anyway, I was thankful for friends to help physically and emotionally. 

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