Monday, March 5, 2012

Photos from China - at last.

According to Maggie most people only want to look at photos on your blog. 
Hmm?  I think that is simply the visual person that she is that thinks so, but just in case, I will put up these random photos that James finally sent, along with the tidbits of information I have picked up in our Skype conversations.

This is Ellie waiting for her doctor's appointment.

Lunch and Skype for the guys - Ellie is napping. 

The three of them somewhere in Guangzhou.

A sign on the Great Wall!  The boys just thought this was really funny.

This is the worm James found in his yogurt one day.  Every day for lunch they have a couple of yogurts each that they grab from breakfast along with the packed snacks from America.  I am not sure if he ate around this or not, but next day he was still eating the yogurt, so I guess it did not bother him too much.

These are the worms you can buy for medicinal purposes.  Serge says they are supposed to be good for your lungs, but they are very expensive.  (I think he was thinking about buying them....)

I don't really have a story for this one.  I suspect James took it to show Maggie.  But since there are so few pictures I'll leave it there anyway.

This is Helen who is their guide in Guangzhou.  She has taken them shopping and to a couple of museums as well as helping with all of the adoption paperwork there.  They have had really good experiences with all of the guides for which we are quite thankful.

I know, difficult to see, but so cute.  This is Ellie looking up through the glass desk while we were skyping the other day.

Tomorrow they are going to adventure to the zoo on their own.  They are getting to eat plenty of western food now - about every other day - in Guangzhou.  Apparently there is a very good brick oven pizza place - they enjoyed the first pizza so much that they ordered a second one.

All of the Chinese comment that Ellie has "big eyes".  Helen thinks she may have some Indonesian in her because her hair is more brownish than black as well.  She looks Chinese to me, but I have not seen her in person.  Just interesting to think about.  I wonder how important that will be to her when she grows up?  I never thought it important to myself.  Then again, I do not have the question marks attached to my life that Ellie will inevitably have.

As of yesterday, they have finished the adoption paperwork such that when they land in the Chicago O'Hare airport, Ellie will officially be a U.S. citizen.  Now they are waiting for the U.S. visa so that they can bring her home.

I am sorry that this is so fragmented and random but that is kind of how our conversations are.  Also I can only work with the pictures that they send me, however odd they may be?!  I have two more posts "in my head" that I hope to get time to put here soon.  The picture loading takes a long time and we are busy, busy, busy trying to finish those lists before they get back home!


  1. I think Maggie is right! But this is coming from another very visual person! You know I enjoy your writing though...She is precious and I can't wait to meet her.

  2. Actually, Maggie is correct. Most blog readers do want to see pictures whether they are visual or not:)

    So delighted to read your updates! She is cute as a button. Know you can't wait for them to be home!!!